Parks & Lakes

The Riviera Community Club has updated both parks with brand new playground equipment, including a zip-line at Interlachen Park.


Anderson Island is home to three fresh water lakes, Lake Florence, Lake Josephine and Pine Lake. The two larger lakes, Lake Florence and Josephine, are fed from an underground spring from Mt. Rainier. Members can enjoy trout and bass fishing in both Lake Josephine and Florence, while children ages 12 and under are welcome to fish in Pine Lake. Lake Josephine and Pine Lake are stocked yearly with Rainbow Trout to ensure good fishing for all members. Lake Josephine is a ‘quiet’ lake and only electric motors are permitted.

Jim Ray Park

Located on Lake Josephine, Ray Park provides members with lake access, perfect for picnicking, swimming, fishing and boating. Children will also enjoy a small playground that includes a swing set. Across the street members have access to a volley ball court, but must bring their own ball to play.

Interlachen Park

Interlachen Park is situated between the two lakes with access to both. On the Lake Florence side boaters are welcome to use gas powered boats and jet skis. Lake Florence is a public lake but the Riviera maintains a private boat launch for members in good standing.

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