How often does the board of trustees meet and who can attend these meetings?

The board of trustees typically meets on the third Saturday of every month in the Martha Smith room. Chat session starts at 10am and board meeting starts at 10:30 am. All Riviera members are welcome to attend.

How often does the ACC & Forestry committee meet and who can attend these meetings?

The ACC & Forestry committee meets every first and third Wednesday of the month. You must be a member of the committee to attend.

What do my member dues go towards?

Member dues go towards maintaining all aspects of the Riviera; parks, marina, golf course, restaurant, campground, finger parks, lake docks and any associated equipment as needed. Funds also maintain the water system for the Riviera, including the water connections that are located on the street in front of each lot within the Riviera.

Do I have to be an RCC member?

Membership comes with ownership of property in the Riviera.

Is there a site development process?

All site development must follow Pierce County guidelines as well as Riviera’s own process. Please visit our downloadable documents page to obtain the latest site development packet.

Can I take trees down on my lot?

Tress may only be taken own on improved lots, and only after receiving the approval of ACC & Forestry. No trees may be taken down on unimproved lots, but brush may be cleared.

Can I camp on my property?

No camping is permitted on improved or unimproved lots alike. For a unique camping experience, please visit the Campground maintained by Riviera Community Club.

Can I park RVs or boats on my property? Only one RV and one boat are permitted per lot.

Can I build a shed on my lot?

Sheds are only permitted on improved lots.

Do I need a permit to fish in the lakes?

Lake Florence is a public lake and a Pierce County fishing permit is required there. Members may fish for free without a permit in Lake Josephine. Guests of members may fish in Lake Josephine for $6 per day.

Are there any limits to how many fish I can catch?

Members must follow Pierce County guidelines while fishing in Lake Florence. While fishing in Lake Josephine, members are restricted to three trout and two bass per day.

Are there any public boat launches into the Puget Sound?

No, all boat launches on Anderson Island are private, but the Riviera maintains a Marina with boat launch for members in good standing.

Do I need to be a Riviera member to eat at the restaurant?

No, all are welcome to dine at the Lakeshore Restaurant.

Does Riviera provide electricity to my property?

No, please contact Tanner Electric for all your electricity concerns.